How to Choose a Baby Monitor

Baby monitors are crucial these days. This is the 21st Century and the usual scenario is that both parents are working 9 to 5 jobs and babies are in the hands of sitters or sibling more as opposed to the mummy and daddy. That’s why parents need something that can help them keep a close eye on their child, and that is what a baby monitor is supposed to do.

Usually, people purchase standard baby monitors from Amazon and never really pay much attention to the features, and more to the price. We’re here to tell you that you could buy a $100 baby monitor and still not be satisfied with it. This post will be all about picking the right product. We’ll educate you on the most important features every baby monitor should have, and you’re welcome to make your choice based on that.

Portability and Battery Life

There is a reason we’re listing this point as number one because a long battery life and higher portability is the most crucial aspect of a monitor. And, for us, it’s a huge deal breaker. As we said, parents are working for endless hours and you can’t expect them to keep running to outlets to charge their monitor to keep their communication with the baby intact. That is just counterproductive and will be a pain in the backside. Find a monitor with a decent battery time that lasts at least 12 hours.

Bi-Directional Sound

If your baby cries a lot when they’re with a baby sitter, this doesn’t mean that the sitter is bad. This means that your baby misses being around you, and monitors with bi-directional sounds can be a life-saver. Instead of just listening to the baby cooing, you can actually offer them words of reassurance if they miss you. A great way to make the baby’s (and the sitter’s) life easy.

Night Vision

Most baby monitors have video so we’re not even going to talk about that, but the more important feature would be night vision. Obviously, if you want to check on the baby without leaving the bed, you’re going to need some light because the light in the baby’s room will be off. Night vision is a great feature if you don’t want to get out of bed in the middle of the night. It might cost a bit though, as you could guess, night vision doesn’t come cheap.

Digital Signals

This is sort of a technical feature, but an important one. We highly advice staying away from radio monitors. The signal will be distorted with all the electrical devices and most of the time, instead of hearing the cheer of a baby, you’ll be hearing static. So, make sure you buy digital.

Temperature/Humidity Measurement

If your house isn’t running on an automated system linked to a Wi-Fi that can let you control the temperature remotely, then this feature is sort of useless. Basically, the modern tech savvy baby monitors can actually measure your baby’s vitals as well as the temperature and humidity in the room. They’ll tell you when it’s too cold or too hot so you can make the baby feel comfortable at all times. But, if you’re not on an automated system, feel free to buy a monitor without this feature.


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