Baby Monitor Reviews – How useful can they be?

Technology has become a powerful ally in our daily lives. In many homes, there are virtual assistants who help you control energy consumption, regulate room temperature, tune in to your favorite TV shows and even help you with your shopping list.

If technological equipment has reached such intimate proximity to our homes, why not use it to protect our youngest loved ones?

Baby monitors help you take care of your baby when you’re away from the crib or even when you’re away from home. This way, you’ll be aware of your baby’s needs in real time.

Best rated baby monitors

Today, reviews play a fundamental role in the expected use of any product. And baby monitors are no exception.

The best-reviewed baby monitors in online stores are usually the ones with the best technical features. But also those that, although not having the best definition, offer the best experience.

Baby monitors review go hand in hand with the way parents use them. That’s why sometimes you don’t always have to get carried away by other people’s comments.  

Some of them can be exaggerated, incomprehensible or very personal. For example, first-time parents may be inexperienced, so sometimes the misuse of baby equipment can lead them, unconsciously, to be disappointed with the product’s performance.

Ideally, a baby monitor’s quality should be evaluated according to reliable sources, like specialized websites or friends who have personally used the product.

I want to buy a baby monitor, where do I start?

While you’re looking for a baby monitor on the market (especially in online stores), you’ll find a lot of brands of electronics with impressive features. Don’t get overwhelmed! While shopping, think of the following factors:


  • Price: The highest quality baby monitors can cost around $250. They come with built-in HD cameras, microphones sensitive to crying frequency, movement sensors, and heart-breathing rate.

If you don’t mind sacrificing a couple of pixels for a cheaper piece, you can buy them for about $75 and $150. It all depends on your needs.

  • Video camera: Visual support adds value and reliability to any monitoring equipment, especially for babies. Some video baby monitors come with built-in screens, others use apps to connect to your smartphone.
  • Microphones and sensors: The first baby monitors used closed radio circuits inside the house. Nowadays, they can be connected to virtual assistants who will send you notifications every time your child has a problem.

Their microphones will allow you to listen to your baby’s cry, but also calm him down just by talking to him from your device.

They also include motion sensors (integrated into the camera, or with small devices placed under the mattress) that measure your baby’s heart- breathing rate while sleeping.

  • Connectivity: some baby monitors are integrated into the virtual assistant platforms (Alexa, Google Home, etc) or allow you to download apps from your smartphone in order to configure all its functions, even away from home.
  • Extra features: some baby monitors have nice lights and lullabies to numb your baby while you’re away.


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